Sunday, August 07, 2005

35 miles to Sausalito's Coastal Trail and back

First, a roundtrip with K over the bridge to Sausalito. Here's Sausalito from the bridge.

Then, K left for yoga while I returned to Sausalito for more bicycling fun. I continued to Rodeo Beach.

From there, I started off on the "Coastal Trail" which was closed off to cars. This trail meandered up the mountain and supposedly ended at Tennessee Beach, which I didn't reach. It began as a road, but then turned into a dirt-paved, rock-strewn hiking trail. High up, rugged and beautiful, nobody around, a sign warned that some travelers had been blown off the mountain and drowned. It wasn't especially windy but this was the untamed outdoors - my brakes got a workout to avoid biking off the mountain.

I turned back before "Hill 88" because of the time and because a sign had warned that beyond that the path wasn't bikeable. (As it was I had to carry the bike part of the way.) An adventure I'd like to repeat, though next time on a mountain bike and with more time!


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Great photos!

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