Thursday, February 23, 2006

52.6 miles, South Beach to Fairchild Tropical Garden

I've rented a Trek 5200 for the week, which is an all-carbon fiber bike that has a fast and smooth ride.

Headed out to Key Biscayne, via the Venetian Causeway. At the end of Key Biscayne there's a park with a lighthouse and scenic ocean views. Soaked in the sun, returned through Key Biscayne and crossed back into Miami. Turned further south and passed through Coconut Grove with its fun coconut trees and huge houses.

Continued south past Coral Gables but not inside it, through a friendly Main Street-type road, and continued down Old Cutler Road into Msomething Park and the Fairchild Tropical Garden. That's home to beautiful flowers, but they don't allow bikes (you can lock them up theough) and they charge $30 admission at night, so visit when you have a bit of time.

Returned as it was getting dark. Back in South Beach, passed Lincoln Road where some woman was handing out samples of beer to passing pedestrians (!) and went to dinner with K at Osteria del Teatro, a nice Italian restaurant here.


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