Saturday, May 27, 2006

69 miles to Long Beach for lunch

Mike and I bike biked to the beach on this glorious Memorial Day Saturday. Had a chocolate chip Odwalla bar for breakfast en route while basking in the warmth, which ranged from 62-80 degrees. We went along Brooklyn's Ocean Parkway and Shore Road, the Far Rockaway boardwalk, the Atlantic Beach boardwalk, and to the end of the Long Beach boardwalk.

We brought takeout from the nearby 'Tiki bar' to the boardwalk, parked ourselves on a bench and had lunch overlooking the beach and the ocean. There were some other beachgoers but not as many as one would have guessed. Then we reluctantly returned home.

The last part of the Brooklyn leg was along the bustling Flatbush Avenue, and traffic was out in force. Mike thought I was nuts for weaving between the cars when they would pack together awaiting the lights; I call it technique ;-). It was Friday that I realized I enjoy madcap biking in traffic - with 25 minutes to kill I sped down the avenues amid the late afternoon rush rather than detouring to the more sedate Hudson River bike path. It wasn't the smartest choice, but the focus, speed and technique bring about an incredible adrenaline rush.

Back to today's ride - upon returning across the Brooklyn bridge, Mike noticed that my bike bag was open ... and my wallet was missing. (It had last been seen in Brooklyn.) I raced home, and not knowing whether it was lost or stolen, froze my credit cards. Bearette and I had an awesome dinner at Zen Palate outdoors in the perfect evening weather, stopped by the Strand and sat in Union Square park. At home, a voicemail message awaited us - the police had found the wallet and tried to bring it to our door, from Brooklyn! As we were outside, they left it with our building's security folks.

It was such a relief - and so kind of them to go so far out of their way. Thank you NYPD!


Blogger M said...

Maybe you should consider a side job (we'll call it a hobbby really) as a bike messenger or delivery guy!..all that suicidal weaving through nyc traffic would really get your adrenaline pumping (and you would get paid for it!!;)..I have to imagine their health benefits have to be pretty good..;)..I still think you're nuts..and this is from a guy who skydives..:)
BTW, really is a miracle you got your wallet back..I did not see that one coming..we probably had good karma that day because we were good bike riders..:)

4:18 PM  
Blogger Capybaras United said...

If I'm ever short on cash maybe that's the way to go. I'll have to get a track bike to blend in & earn my creds.

6:37 PM  

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