Sunday, August 06, 2006

14.4 miles to Williamsburg and NYU

by way of Angelica Kitchen, where we had potato-quinoa croquettes and a succulent peach crumble cake. Angelica Kitchen has daily specials, some of which are well worth the trip. You can phone them after 11:15 each morning to to hear them and make an informed decision.

The Williamsburg Bridge, accessible via Delancey, is wide and fun - fun throughout, wide on the Manhattan half. Going back is a treat because it's a long, wide downhill; by the end, I had passed 30mph.

Williamsburg is hipster central, where the men are more into their appearance than the women. The women have a rugged, vaguely masculine look, but somehow it works. I headed to the Brooklyn General Barber Emporium on Bedford Avenue, which has a red plane where kids can sit for their haircuts. I didn't sit in the red plane but was pleased with the haircut nonetheless.

While waiting for my turn, I reverse stole an old book from a used bookstore five blocks away: an interesting book caught my eye but I only wanted a section. I bought it for $5 but was sad to do so, not wanting to deprive others of this intriguing translated book from the 70's.

After the haircut, I xeroxed the section I wanted, and sneaked the book back onto its shelf into the bookstore. They're a cash-and-carry store, with no inventory system, so I don't think they'll realize it if they sell the same book twice!


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