Saturday, August 05, 2006

64 miles to Long Beach

on this warm sunny day. When I got there, got the usual bagel to eat at the beach, but this time with Monterey Jack cheese. Tasty but a bit too rich; Muenster ultimately wins.

Bobbed around in the ocean for a while (I rode in my bathing suit) and then when I came out, I sat on the sand close to the water so the tide would rush over me. Later, rested a bit further back.

Headed home after three relaxing hours at the beach. On the narrow pedestrian path for the Gil Hobbs Memorial Bridge, which connects Far Rockaway to Brooklyn, an impatient cyclist abrasively called out "Yo - on your left." It's not the safest place to speed, but I moved to the side to let what turned out to be a bicycling couple pass me. I stepped up the pace to stay on their tails. Shortly afterward they encountered another bicyclist blocking their way, and the woman made an annoyed gesture toward him from behind his back.

Anger was brewing inside me at these rude cyclists, so at the end of the bridge, I sped ahead of them. They were close behind and tried to catch up, but I pumped the pedals hard and kept my lead. Turned onto Shore Road, and made it to the end several miles away, still ahead of the duo. The woman was close behind but the man hadn't kept up. At the end of Shore Road, in a congested section where we were forced to slow down, she caught up and bantered with me a bit. "I would have worked your wind," she said cheerfully, "but you kept sprinting ahead!"

An hour later I reached home, and Bearette and I had a tasty dinner at Salute - a midtown Italian restaurant. Then we saw Talledega Nights with Will Ferrell (and Sacha Baron-Cohen as Will's nemesis); it was very funny. Much better than the previews had suggested, but fun, stupid Will Ferrell humor as always. I keep a mental list of people who are "national treasures", and Will Ferrell's on it.


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