Sunday, September 03, 2006

11.9 miles to Fairway

Bearette's friend T visited us this weekend from DC. We all had a great time. We played scrabble, heard about T's band (they are finishing up an album), and ate well. We patronized these fine dining establishments:

Il Bastardo: The only disappointment of the weekend. We had never been here before - because of the moronic name - although this is the sister restaurant to Cara Mia, which is quite good. It was a nice atmosphere though - the glass doors were opened up, so we sat half in and half out of the restaurant. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and I'm never cold, but it began to get a bit too windy and rainy. Their bathrooms are incredible though - they take up the entire downstairs and have the feel of a posh and trendy spa.

: On Saturday morning, T and Bearette headed off to Pilates so I went here alone. I had a craving for scrambled eggs, and they have amazing scrambled eggs.

Angelica Kitchen: We had a croquette dish which was the special of the day. At Angelica the thing to get is the special of the day; call ahead to make sure it's a good one. If the word 'croquette' is spoken, it will be a good one.

We stopped by B&N and then bumped into S on the way home. At home, scrabble was played (and won!)

Le Graine: The rebranding of Le Gamin, with better service. In the past you would wait at least an hour for your food, once a table even opened up. Now it's much more manageable. For Sunday brunch I had french toast ("pain perdu") with scrambled eggs.

Dallas BBQ: Just joking -- we have never gone here. This swamp does attract a following, with its bargain "two whole chickens for $9.99" and patrons the size of trucks.

We talked through the far West Village, by the water, then returned T to her train.

BTW for the curious among my myriad blog friends, on Thursday I set the office record at the chiropractor's: level 30 on the "Stim"! He admitted that the machine would go past 30, but he refused to increase it further. The previous recordholder got a 28.


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